воскресенье, 25 января 2009 г.

Theophilus of Alexandria

Theophilus of Alexandria (The Early Church Fathers)

by Norman Russell

"Thoephilus of Alexandria" brings back into focus a figure who has long been neglected in the study of early Christianity and will provide students and lecturers with a fresh perspective into the first Origenist controversy, through texts translated into English for the very first time. Norman Russell's new assessment of Theophilus not only examines his efforts to Christianize an Egypt still denominated by its great temples, but also details his battle to maintain the pre-eminence of the Alexandrian Church in an age of rapid change. This significantly reveals the full power and range of his thinking. This book presents a refreshing take on one of the greatest bishops of the Theodosian era, who played an important role in a crucial phase of the Roman Empire's transformation into a Christian society. "Theophilus of Alexandria" will greatly appeal to students and lecturers involved in Early Christian Studies and Religion.

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