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Conservation of Ruins

Conservation of Ruins (Butterworth-Heinemann Series in Conservation and Museology)

by John Ashurst

Despite growing international awareness of the presence and significance of ruined buildings and archaeological sites, and the increasingly sophisticated technology available for the collection of data about them, these sites continue to be at risk across the globe.
Conservation of Ruins defines and describes these risks, which range from neglect, to destructive archaeology, and even well-meaning intervention in the name of tourism. The book provides detailed, practical instruction on the conservation and stabilisation of ruins by structural and non-structural means, as well as describing the procedures and conditions that need to be in place to ensure the protection of our important historic sites.
In considering aspects of architectural conservation, archaeology and ecology together for the first time, this book provides an integrated, holistic view of this international topic that will be essential reading for those working in this field
* The only book that integrates philosophy, practical conservation, archaeology and ecology of ruined buildings and their states* Demonstrates essential principles using international case studies* Examines the key threats to ruins, and how to protect against them

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