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Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia


Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia (Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages) by Sean Duffy

Product Description
Medieval Ireland presents the culture and society of Ireland from the sixth to the sixteenth century. The Encyclopedia will provide an exhaustive portrait of a lively and provocative period while exploring a rich field of study. Most scholarly works on Irish history cover either the pre- or post- Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169. Medieval Ireland will span both periods, resolving this artificial dichotomy in a natural manner within a single volume. Coverage of multiple fields of study will answer the increasing interdisciplinarity of Irish medieval studies. This comprehensive approach will help readers draw connections between disciplines and topics. Written by approximately 200 scholarly contributors, the work will be an authoritative reference that will appeal to scholars studying Ireland, to medievalists in general, and to anyone interested in Ireland and in the Middle Ages. It will also be useful to people studying such related topics as Anglo-Saxon England, Norman England, or Viking Scandinavia. This one-volume work is part of the Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages series.

From the Back Cover
Through violent incursions by the Vikings and the spread of Christianity, medieval Ireland maintained a distinctive Gaelic identity. From the sacred site of Tara to the manuscript illuminations in the Book of Kells, Anglo-Irish relations to the Connachta dynasty, Ireland during the middle ages was a rich and vivid culture.

Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia brings together in one authoritative resource the multiple facets of life in Ireland before and after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169, from the sixth to sixteenth century. Multidisciplinary in coverage, this A-Z reference work provides information on historical events, economics, politics, the arts, religion, intellectual history, and many other aspects of the period. Written by the world's leading scholars on the subject, this highly accessible reference work will enable students, researchers, and general readers alike to explore topics such as

* The development of the city of Dublin from the early Irish settlement of Áth Cliath (ford of hurdle-work) in the sixth century C.E. to a thriving medieval city

* The history of kings and kingships in medieval Ireland including political structure, royal dynasties, and historical roots

* Different literary genres including historical tales, satire, aideda, and Irish poetry as well as the outside influence on medieval Irish literature by the Carolingian dynasty, the Anglo-Saxons, the Scottish, and others

* The literary, political, and religious people from the Irish middle ages such as Marianus Scottus, Strongbow, Brian Boru, St. Brigit, and Richard FitzRalph

* The culture and society of the era including music, games, craftwork, role of women, fraternities, and bardic schools

With over 345 essays ranging from 250 to 2,500 words, Medieval Ireland paints a lively and colorful portrait of the time.

About the Author
Dr. Sean Duffy, heads the Department of Medieval History at Trinity College, Dublin. A historian, he is also the Chairman of the Friends of Medieval Dublin and a member of the Irish Committee of Historical Sciences. Dr. Duffy has authored several acclaimed books and contributed to many journals. His books have been praised for their clarity and thoroughness.

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