четверг, 25 декабря 2008 г.

The Greek Theatre and Festivals

The Greek Theatre and Festivals: Documentary Studies (Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents)by Peter Wilson (Editor)

ReviewThere is much of interest here for scholars in the world of Greek performance Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Bryn Mawr Classical Review Product DescriptionA collection of essays, by leading international scholars, on the history of the Greek theatre, and on the wider context of festival culture in which theatrical activity took place in the Greek world. The emphasis is on the documentary material - inscriptions, archaeological remains and monuments - which provides so much of our 'hard' evidence for the activities of the theatre. Much of the important material discussed here is unknown except to specialists, and these studies offer access to its interpretation to a wider audience. They cover a wide range of time and place, from the earliest days of the Greek theatre to the Roman period, with special emphasis on the neglected Hellenistic period, which is especially rich in documentary evidence. About the AuthorPeter Wilson is William Ritchie Professor of Classics at the University of Sydney.

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