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The Wisdom of Alexander the Great



The Wisdom of Alexander the Great: Enduring Leadership Lessons From the Man Who Created an Empire by Lance B. Kurke

"...an engaging and interesting book." -- Executive Insider (ExecuNet.com e-newsletter)


"Executive Insider (ExecuNet.com e-newsletter): ""An engaging and interesting book.""

Quality Management Journal: ""This is a well-written, easy-to-read read, and informative book on the processes of leadership."""

Product Description
This neat little book takes 30 key incidents from his illustrious life to teach today's leaders how to be a great leader. Alexander was the incredible leader who became king when he was 20 years old. By 23, he had defeated his nation's greatest enemy, and by age 25, he had conquered 90 per cent of the known world creating an empire sprawling from Greece to India. This book shows mangers that if you can change the way you think about a problem, you can find a creative and successful solution.

Book Description

"Exceptional leaders are the ones who are able to analyze problems, optimize resources, inspire loyalty, and execute strategy. There is no more stunning example in history than Alexander the Great, whose leadership skills were so immense that they still resonate some 2,000 years later.

The Wisdom of Alexander the Great reveals four leadership processes distilled from the life and extraordinary accomplishments of Alexander, King of Macedonia. Readers will learn how he:

* reframed problems in order to meet seemingly insurmountable challenges

* built alliances by using his strength to generate trust and respect, not just fear

* established identity and ""branded"" himself a unifier, thus keeping the home base secure while continuing to expand his empire

* recognized and assimilated the cultures and symbols of different peoples, becoming a powerful and trusted figure everywhere he went

The Wisdom of Alexander the Great relates 34 riveting episodes from Alexander’s expansion through Asia Minor, Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Middle East, the Persian Empire, and India. Each example, tied to a modern-day counterpart, imparts valuable lessons from the timeless legend of one of the greatest leaders in history."

About the Author

Lance B. Kurke (Pittsburgh, PA) is the president of Kurke & Associates, Inc., a consulting firm providing strategic planning, training, leadership development, and executive coaching.

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