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J.S. Bach: A Life in Music



J.S. Bach: A Life in Music
by Peter Williams

'... its freshness of approach and practical knowledge of the music are enthralling.' The Herald 'Peter williams' observations in this new well-written volume add an imaginative and fresh dimension that will keep the 'little grey cells' charged. ... This new volume could be a useful 'precursor' and we are the beneficiaries as a result.' The Journal of the London Bach Society '... Williams is a writer both erudite and compelling ... this is a biography unafraid to raise awkward questions and make a gallant attempt to answer them. ... William's study, a substantial read, fills an important place in English language Bach literature.' BBC Music Magazine 'Williams's book is dense and challenging ... a rewarding read, certain to enthral equally any lover of Bach's music and admirer of the techniques of forensic enquiry.' Musical Times

2007 Outstanding Academic Title -- Choice Magazine

Product Description
Peter Wiliams approaches afresh the life and music of arguably the most studied of all composers, interpreting both Bach's life by deconstructing his original Obituary in the light of new information, and his music by evaluating his priorities and irrepressible creative energy. How, though belonging to musical families on both his parents' sides, did he come to possess so bewitching a sense of rhythm and melody, and a mastery of harmony that established nothing less than a norm in western culture? In considering that the works of a composer are his biography, the book's title 'A Life in Music' means both a life spent making music and one revealed in the music as we know it. A distinguished scholar and performer, Williams re-examines Bach's life as an orphan and a family man, as an extraordinarily gifted composer and player, and an energetic and ambitious artist who never suffered fools gladly.

Book Description
Peter Williams takes a new look at a composer who might today seem remote but whose music uniquely delights, suggesting new ways to understand Bach's genius. Chapters are divided chronologically, and the book contains a helpful glossary.

About the Author
Peter Williams is former Professor and Dean of Music at the University of Edinburgh and is Emeritus Arts and Sciences Professor of Music at Duke University.

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