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Kierkegaard's Upbuilding Discourses


Kierkegaard's Upbuilding Discourses: Philosophy, Literature and Theology (Routledge Studies in Nineteenth Century Philosophy) by George Pattison

Product Description
George Pattison provides a bold and innovative reassessment of Kierkegaard's neglected Eighteen Upbuilding Discourses and reading of his work as a whole. The first full length assessment of the discourses in English, this volume will be essential reading for philosophers and theologians, and anyone interested in Kierkegaard and the history of philosophy.

About the Author
George Pattinson is Lecturer in the Faculty of Theology in Århus University. He has published numerous books including the Routledge Philosophy Guidebook to the Later Heidegger (Routledge, 2000), A Short Course in the Philosophy of Religion (2001), Anxious Angels: A Retrospective View of Religious Existentialism (1999) and Kierkegaard and the Crisis of Faith (1997).

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