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A Guide to Ancient Greek Drama (Blackwell Guides to Classical Literature) (Paperback)

by Ian C. Storey (Author), Arlene Allan (Author)


“This thoughtfully designed guide not only provides background, play summaries, critical analysis, and bibliography, but also surveys modern approaches to Greek drama. Comprehensive, reliable, and enlightening, it will be a boon to students and their teachers.” Justina Gregory, Smith College"An excellent companion for students new to ancient Greek drama. Its comprehensive scope and inclusion of minor figures makes it especially useful for teachers wanting to give students a more complete picture of the subject...clearly and engagingly written." Bryn Mawr Classical Review"The book will be of enormous value for students and extremely useful as a teaching aid, and it will surely be a rare scholar who does not learn anything new from its wealth of detail." The Classical Review

Product Description

This Blackwell Guide introduces ancient Greek drama, which flourished principally in Athens from the sixth century BC to the third century BC.A broad-ranging and systematically organised introduction to ancient Greek drama. Discusses all three genres of Greek drama – tragedy, comedy, and satyr play. Provides overviews of the five surviving playwrights – Aeschylus, Sophokles, Euripides, Aristophanes, and Menander, and brief entries on lost playwrights. Covers contextual issues such as: the origins of dramatic art forms; the conventions of the festivals and the theatre; the relationship between drama and the worship of Dionysos; the political dimension; and how to read and watch Greek drama. Includes 46 one-page synopses of each of the surviving plays.

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