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M.H. Abrams - A Glossary of Literary Terms

A Glossary of Literary Terms (Paperback)

by M.H. Abrams (Author), Geoffrey Harpham (Author)

Product Description

First published fifty years ago, A GLOSSARY OF LITERARY TERMS remains an essential text for all serious students of literature. Now fully updated to reflect the latest scholarship on recent and rapidly evolving critical theories, the ninth edition contains a complete glossary of essential literary terms presented as a series of engaging essays that explore the terms, place them in context, and suggest related entries and additional reading. This indispensable, authoritative, and highly affordable reference covers terms useful in discussing literature and literary history, theory, and criticism. Perfect as a core text for introductory literary theory or as a supplement to any literature course, this classic work is an invaluable reference that students can continue to use throughout their academic and professional careers.

About the Author

M. H. Abrams is a distinguished scholar who has written prize-winning books on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature, literary criticism, and European Romanticism. He also is General Editor for THE NORTON ANTHOLOGY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE. In addition, M. H. Abrams has been the recipient of Guggenheim, Ford Foundation, and Rockefeller Postwar fellowships and the Award for Literature by the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1990). Geoffrey Galt Harpham is the president and director of the National Humanities Center in North Carolina. He has written extensively in the fields of intellectual history and critical theory and on the work of Joseph Conrad. Among his books are THE ASCETIC IMPERATIVE IN CULTURE AND CRITICISM, ONE OF US: THE MASTERY OF JOSEPH CONRAD, SHADOWS OF ETHICS: CRITICISM AND THE JUST SOCIETY, and LANGUAGE ALONE: THE CRITICAL FETISH OF MODERNITY.

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