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The Church in Ancient Society


The Church in Ancient Society: From Galilee to Gregory the Great (Oxford History of the Christian Church)
by Henry Chadwick

Editorial Reviews

"This is a tour de force by a great scholar.... A magisterial account of the doctrinal and institutional history of the early Church, particularly in the east Roman provinces. The easy style, not without a sprinkling of colloquialisms, conceals the author's great learning and enthusiasm for his subject.... Chadwick's book will remain a standard work on the history of early Christianity for the forseeable future."--English Historical Review
"Marked by a monumentality both of scope and detail.... The last great narrative history of the twentieth century in its field."--Times Literary Supplement
"Henry Chadwick's latest book is a contribution to the Oxford History of the Church...His book is, in a number of ways, magnificent."--Journal of Early Christian Studies

Product Description
This book provides a full and enjoyable narrative history of the first six centuries of the Christian Church, examining how Christianity changed Ancient Greek and Roman society. Following a chronological approach, Henry Chadwick's clear exposition of important texts and theological debates in their historical context is unrivalled in detail.

About the Author
Henry Chadwick is Emeritus Regius Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge

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